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Old New Mills & Hayfield
Images of Old New Mills
The Memories of James Hibbert
19th century adverts
Old images from the local area
Old Plans-Ice Skating Rink
Council Minute Books Stored in the Town Hall are the minute books recording the activities of the Local Board as it was originally called. Incidentally, these books contain a wealth of information on a variety of subjects.
20th Century Adverts
Union Bridge Documents Copies of original Union Bridge Contracts and Plans.
The Story of the Millers (New Mills Football Club) A history of New Mills Football Club by Martin Doughty. Written to celebrate the clubs Golden Jubilee 1924 -1974
Old Documents
Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society
Town and District Details from the Almanacs
The Commemorative Books
Pre 1900 Sewage System Improvements

An improved and enlarged sewage system for the town was proposed in the 1890's to cope with the rapidly expanding population. Though seage is perhaps not a subject that readily appeals. The maps captured an otherwise unrecorded snapshot of the town and recorded some interesting details which have since been lost.

The Duke of Devonshire Opens the Library An old frame commemorating the Duke of Devonshire opening the library at a time of national crisis
Bazaar of 1909 In 1909, a memorable Japanese Bazaar was held at the Congregational Church on Mellor Road. These are images from the nicely produced programme.
Model of Central Station

An article from Model Railways magazine 1979

The Winters of 1947 and 1955
Servicemen Commemorated in Local Cemeteries Many casualties of the two world wars are commemorated on family gravestones. I have gathered as many of these as i can together from both Hayfield and New Mills. A few at St George's Parish Churchyard have proved elusive. Where i can i have added their inscription from the burial book, but some few still remain to be found. For a list of names see the history section
Industries of the 20th Century Major New Mills Employers of the Latter Half of the 20th Century
The Business of War Local Defence letters, circulars and reports from World War 2 - including lists of names and addresses, organisational letters relating to Salute the Soldier and more.
Churches and Chapels A series of articles from the late 1960's looking at the history and state of some of the many independent churches and chapel's in New Mills and Hayfield.  The articles capture many at the moment of their demise.
I've added and will continue to add anything else I come across, which relates to them.
The Coronation Celebrations

As we celebrate Queen Elizabeths Diamond Jubilee, here's a look at how the Coronation was celebrated 60 years ago .

New Mills Newspaper Clippings Articles relating to New Mills and district (except Hayfield ) i havent had time to transcribe or which would not warrant their own page or heading.
Old Urban District Council Documents
Smooching Prohibited In 1956 the councils decision to ban smooching at Town Hall Dances sparked strong feelings and a row that appearred in local, national and international newspapers.
Hayfield Newspaper Cuttings
Shaw Cairn Shaw Cairn lies on the hill top behind "The Cross" it can be more easily accessed from Black Lane. In addition to the archaeology the 360 degree views are superb. 
Masonic - Peveril of the Peak Lodge
Masonic - Peveril of the Peak Lodge 1855 to 1962
Torr Vale Mill Images of Torr Vale Mill before renovation. The mill sat empty for several years before renovation started and these pictures show the insides during that time.
Many thanks to Glen and Jason who took the time and trouble to take these wonderful pictures. I have left their web addresses on the images and strongly recommend that you check out their web sites.
Mine Abandoment Plans

Plans of the local mines at the time of their closure and photographs from inside Bank End Mine.

New Mills Salvation Army

The Salvation Army had a strong pres

Chinley Independent Chapel Though not in New Mills anyone who has delved into local history or seached for relatives in the local area may well have found themselves been led to Chinley Chapel. It's history and the people connected to it at times had far reaching influence. William Bagshawe, John Bennet, Grace Murray, James Clegg and Ebeneezer Glossop have fame far beyond the humble chapel.
James Howard Painter and Decorator A series of account books by James Howard of Rock Street.
Sprayhouse Farm and the Etchell's Family Photographs of the Etchell family and their home, Sprayhouse Farm, Little Hayfield. Unfortunately none are dated or have names on them.
Strines May Day 1903

Images from a Photo Album of the Strines Printworks May Day Celebrations of 1903.

Hayfield Images of Hayfield
The Ancient Order of Foresters The AOF were amongst the most popular of the friendly societies in New Mills, but they together with that other great society the Oddfellows no longer have courts in New Mills.
New Mills Cricket Club
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